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Case Study

Become a chameleon – standing out, by blending in.

Working in laboratories can be hazardous, there are many risks such as chemical, biological, physical, radioactive & electromagnetic to name a few. Also, years of research can be ruined by breaches in protocols or interruptions to essential services. NPS have developed a specialised response team to meet our clients demands.

The Problem:

All laboratories carry inherent risk, unique to the purpose and practices of the lab. Introducing untrained staff into this environment can be catastrophic and lead to damage to persons, property or research. Laboratories require plumbing fixtures that require servicing and repairs, just like any other facility. So… how can our customers better manage these risks?

The Solution:

NPS have established a unique team for the medical and science sector. They are internally trained to have a comprehensive knowledge for hazard identification, regulatory & safety requirements, physical containment protocols and advanced plumbing practises.

The Outcome:

Our advanced team with superior plumbing knowledge will readily blend in with laboratory workers by quickly adapting to the unique PPE and protocol requirements specific for each room. Our customers can rest assured that a high level of care and understanding is delivered as well as specialized plumbing solutions to achieve compliance in this highly technical industry.

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