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  • Plumbing Maintenance

    You can rely on our plumbers to turn up when you need them, to make sure your assets are working when your clients and communities expect it.
Having a reliable and trustworthy partner like NPS to manage and maintain your plumbing infrastructure will not only save money in the long-term but also protect the immediate asset investment. Indirectly, the assets will last longer which again represents a reduction in cost over its lifetime.

When you partner with NPS you don’t just get your plumbing problems fixed, you get excellent customer service and high-quality real-time reporting to make your job as easy as possible. Our passionate team will take the hassle out of maintaining your plumbing assets and will continuously deliver work that is of the highest standard.

Safety is not just another box to be ticked. We make sure our worksites are fully compliant. Safety is prioritised to avoid injury and eliminate any risk to our customers. Our 3rd party certified ISO management systems in Safety, Quality and Environment ensures you can feel completely confident we won’t cut corners and do not compromise the safety of our staff, our customers or the general public.
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Our plumbing and maintenance programs focus on four main areas.
Reactive Maintenance
We understand that issues occur - both big and small. Our expert and responsive
team are committed to resolve problems of any size and minimise the impact to our customers. From a leaking tap, to repairing or replacing a hot water service, to clearing a drain blockage, our 24/7 Emergency Response Service is an important part of our commitment to be there for our customers when they need us.

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  • Roofing and guttering installation and repairs
  • Water treatment services
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Gas service and installation
  • Services location and leak detection
  • Live sewer works and repairs
  • CCTV inspections 
  • Back-flow prevention installation and testing services
  • Fire service installation and repairs
  • Water efficiency solutions
  • Underground boring and trench-less digging
Preventative Maintenance Plumbing
Prevention is the best way to maximise the lifetime value of complex infrastructure. Engaging our expert team to help build your asset database and then plan an effective maintenance program is a proactive way to manage wear and tear, reduce breakdowns and reduce operating costs.

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  • Plumbing Building Audits
  • Asset Collection and Data Mapping
  • Roof, Down Pipes and Gutters - Inspection and Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning - Pits, Grates Pipes 
  • Remote Digital Metering & Water Monitoring
  • Hot Water Unit Servicing
  • Water Filter - Replacement & Servicing
  • Water Efficiency Solutions
  • Leak Detection Services
Compliance - Calibration & Testing
Our specialised licenced classes give us the authority to test, service & calibrate your assets so that you can maintain your compliance. Whether it be Backflow Prevention, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Safety Showers or Gas Appliances, our highly trained team is ready to be deployed. Our management systems allow for tracking and monitoring these assets, providing scheduled routine calibration, service histories, and budget forecasting.

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  • Backflow Prevention 
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Gas appliances
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Safety Shower & eye wash 
  • Hot water systems
Backflow Prevention
Backflow Testing Compliance Regulations require annual inspection and testing of Backflow Prevention Devices.

NPS are certified backflow prevention plumbers who are licensed to undertake inspection, testing and repairs of your backflow prevention devices. We will provide a test report that can be forwarded to your Water Authority, ensuring compliance with the regulations.
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