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Case Study

Victorian cemeteries; stormwater upgrades and maintenance.

The cemeteries had a stormwater system that hadn’t received regular maintenance for many years. Progressively NPS worked with the cemetery to target problematic areas where the stormwater system was failing and provide an ongoing preventative maintenance programme to maintain these assets.

The Problem:

Multiple cemeteries across Metropolitan Melbourne were experiencing significant flooding in various areas across the cemeteries. This caused significant distress to customers and the organisation due to the sensitive nature of the site, and the destruction this flooding was causing to the cemetery grounds. This was due to a lack of maintenance on the stormwater infrastructure.

The Solution:

Utilising our asset capture technology, NPS mapped out the stormwater pits and commenced establishing a preventative maintenance programme to maintain these pits on a 6-monthly cycle, using our combination truck that can jet pipes up to 1m diameter.

We also completed a series of CCTV inspections that identified a number of broken and dislodged stormwater pipes. We were able to reline sections of pipework, as well as use smart lock technologies to patch repair damaged pipes.

The Outcome:

During heavy rain events, the cemeteries stormwater systems are operating effectively, and previously flooding sections are no longer problematic.

Implementing the planned maintenance programme around their stormwater infrastructure has enabled the organisation to plan and budget with greater effectiveness, and also reduced the number of reactive callouts for flooding caused by blockages.

Most important of all, it has greatly reduced and prevented damage to vulnerable infrastructure, leaving our customer and the community extremely satisfied.

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